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Evaluasi Kinerja Sistem Informasi Manajemen Dalam Mendukung Proses Manajemen di Rumah Sakit Gigi dan Mulut UMY

Artikel menarik yang saya tulis bersama mahasiswa dan rekan dosen berisi bagaimana mengevaluasi kinerja Sistem Informasi yang diterapkan oleh sebuah institusi dengan menggunakan metode PIECES. silahkan menikmati article ini:


Background: The hospital is one of the health-care facilities to empower the various units trained and educated personnel in facing and dealing with medical problems for the restoration and maintenance of good health.
Information technology has an important role in health care today. Where the quality of information processing is an important factor for the success of a health care institution. A good information system to support the clinical
workflow in ways that will contribute to patient care better information system has 3 important role in supporting the process of health care, namely: to support the process and operation of health services, support decisionmaking staff and manajamen and supporting various strategies for competitive advantage. The use of hospital information system (HIS) still frequent occurrence of the failure in the implementation of an information system that can be divided into two aspects, the first is the technical aspects, the aspects related to the system itself which is the technical quality of the information system. Poor technical quality concerns still many syntax errors, errors of logic, and even misinformation. The second aspect is the  non-technical aspects. Non-technical failures related to the perception of users of information systems that cause users unwilling or reluctant to use information systems that have been developed.
Methods: This study was a descriptive study with cross sectional evaluative.
Results and discussion: Determination scoring on objective criteria based on the research results with the results obtained Gutman rule every aspect PIECES. Both categories covering aspects of information, economic, control,
and service. While the medium category include the performance and efficiency that require reconsideration to repair the system.
Conclusions: Since the use of the system in UMY dental hospital , greatly aided once with this system . Using pieces method obtained good category include aspects of information , economic , control, and service . While the
medium category include the performance and efficiency.
Keywords: Management information systems, methods PIECES

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